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It must be the cost of constantly oiling that machine of hers or something, but Florence Welch commands around the same price as Eminem for her shows. Cost to hire Muse for a private event? Additional electricity costs from all those TVs? God knows. Make sure you've popped a couple of quid in the meter before their set, folks. Crooner and cougar heart throb Michael Buble has become the king of modern swing.

Brandon Flowers: the man, the legend. Book him for your nan's birthday for just half a million dollars. She'll bloody love it. That's the cost of Mr Chris Martin and his Coldplay peers for the evening.


Pay that and you can consciously uncouple from the idea of ever sending your kids to college. Want just Dave Grohl? Nobody else? Not like that. Don't spend your dosh on silly pumped up kicks! Splash yer cash on an audience with Foster The People instead. Want an exclusive audience with Jack White's crew The Raconteurs? Sure thing. Get counting them pennies.

Have yourself a beautiful dark twisted fantastic party by hiring the one and only Kanye West.

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The guy's got to put his compass-named brood through university somehow. Amen, Caleb, amen. Grohl fanatics from Richmond, Virginia recently managed to persuade Foo Fighters to play a crowd-funded gig. The Bruce Willis Blues Band. Yes, you read that right. John McClane did actually dabble in a recording career before he became an international star with the release of Die Hard.

Or murder you. Do you like fancy dress? Do you like uniformed fancy dress involving red caps? Do you like face and body paint too? You do!? Then have we got the band for you! Happy birthday, sweet little Mary-Anne. Bored of shit music at your parties? Well, sigh no more! Like Queens of the Stone Age?

You can hire the Hommenator, no problem. Trust us, that wouldn't work out so well for you, for them or your garden gazebo. Truly, his is a voice that could make a wolverine purr.

A Word from The Ultimate Disco Cruise

Firstly, they are brilliant. Big Boi, you sure are a generous guy! You'd be bat shit crazy not to really, wouldn't you? Not that Radiohead seem to play a lot of private shows.

Pechanga Resort Casino

Iggy Pop does car insurance adverts so of course he'll come play a gig for you. Seeing as how Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin was arrested last year for destroying his neighbour's patio with a chainsaw in a fit of domestic fury, whether or not you want him and his nu-metal chums at your house is seriously up for debate. Do you like fun? YOU DO?! Then you should hire these guys. Want some Courtney in your life? She is an MBE though, so you'd probably wanna make sure the house is tidy.

Does bog-standard carpet suit you instead, guys? Can we lead you out onto that instead? Thank you. These guys may even pip Village People for the novelty factor. That's the cost of hiring Right Said Fred for the night.

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  8. For that price, I bet they're able to afford all sorts of shirts they're too sexy for. Damn you and your illegal bank account. Wish we had one of those.

    One day. One day Take that, Ogre and Stan. Buy Whip It on Amazon. Leave it to Abdul—a well-known choreographer before she began her singing career—to know what makes a perfect dance-party tune. Pulsating beat, check; funky bassline, check; earworm chorus, check and check.

    Oh, oh, oh! Straight Up on Amazon. If only school were this much fun. The band described itself as Chic meets the Sex Pistols, but its bouncy sound was all its own: skittering drum beats, aqua-blue synth burbles and a galloping bassline courtesy of king pinup John Taylor. Buy Rio on Amazon. The Long Island native born Leslie Wunderman sounds positively voracious on her signature hit. Buy Take on Me on Amazon. The members of One Direction may still be fighting through their teen years, but they sure know how to get people dancing.

    Every British invasion arrives with an opening salvo. Buy Wannabe on Amazon. But never mind all that. Growing up, what was important about this song was what you did when you heard it. Buy Jump Around on Amazon. Buy It Takes Two on Amazon. Pusha T rejecting this massive Hitboy-produced beat might have been for the best according to him it sounds like a video game because the star power from the respective husbands of Kim and Bey turned the guaranteed banger into a veritable club anthem.

    Ronald Ross Primary

    And it's become a necessary party bonding activity, too: trashed guests inevitably screaming "that shit cray! Buy Rump Shaker on Amazon. All together, now: murderer! Buy Here Comes the Hotstepper on Amazon. Buy Walk This Way on Amazon. Drake is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in another enigma wearing sweatpants. On the other: makes super-meta, hilarious, on-point videos like this one from , which mocks the very lifestyle it celebrates.

    Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1) Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1)
    Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1) Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1)
    Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1) Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1)
    Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1) Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1)
    Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1) Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1)
    Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1) Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1)
    Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1) Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1)
    Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1) Band of Gold (Key Party Book 1)

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