Concentração e Consolidação dos Media (Portuguese Edition)

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Developmental Biology. The C. Using Retinal Imaging to Study Dementia. Several credit lines for SMEs were created, although those were not specifically addressed to supporting SMEs or their employees in restructuring. In , the Employment Initiative Iniciativa Emprego - IE included specific autonomous and transitional measures, among which the maintenance of employment in SMEs by reducing labour costs.

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A series of important pledges were made on the adaptation of active employment measures with a view to modernising the Portuguese labour market, with a particular focus on SMEs. The Memorandum of Understanding on specific economic policy conditionality signed by the Portuguese Government and the European Commission, the IMF and the ECB on 11 May , includes a range of measures on the restructuring and revitalisation of the entrepreneurial tissue, particularly of SMEs. The main issues covered relate to: modernisation of the entrepreneurial tissue; access to funding; internationalisation, innovation and qualification of the enterprises, particularly SMEs.

According to CES, these do not respond to the complexity of the Portuguese situation. It is recommended that special attention is paid to the qualification of SMEs, particularly, to the lifelong training of their workers.

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The CES thus defends the maintenance and even the strengthening of the measures which support economic activity and employment, particularly in SMEs. The CES regrets that the funding to the economy is not a central issue in the document. The enterprises have difficulties in accessing credit and this leads to bankruptcy or closure. It is recommended that significant efforts should be made for improving the entrepreneurial funding conditions. The social partners were requested by us to share their individual opinions, perspectives or recommendations.

Until now, the following contributions were provided:. UGT considers that one part of the agreement is targeted to the restructuring of the entrepreneurial tissue, particularly SMEs.

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According to UGT, although some of the measures are being implemented, the results in the fields of economic and employment growth are not visible yet and it is too early to assess their impact. In the framework of restructuring proceedings, CIP underlines the urgency to eliminate the restrictions in place for the termination of employment contract by mutual agreement with access to the unemployment subsidy in case of restructuring or rescue of the enterprise if this is in a difficult economic situation.

It also stresses the need for more flexible contractual arrangements. The measures which stem from the Memorandum of Understanding on specific economic policy conditionality and their impact on the social and employment situation are among the main reasons for the lack of consensus. On the other hand, social partners, the CIP in particular, are still waiting for the implementation of part of the measures included in the tripartite agreements.

Even if part of the available instruments has not explicitly addressed SMEs or their employees in restructuring, these generally have had access to those instruments. Most probably, some of these will be included in the Revitalising Programme 1st round Programa Revitalizar. This programme aims to optimise the legal, tax and financial framework of the Portuguese entrepreneurial fabric.

In the current situation, it is not easy to assess the suitability of the available instruments to the specific needs of SMEs in restructuring. At present, most support instruments for restructuring are specifically targeted at SMEs. Among the SME specific, two will be presented in more detail below. Other support instruments cover issues such as access to finance, and the revision of tax and legal framework. The Programme targets at improving the management processes and modernisation of SMEs, aiming to the increase of qualifications and skills of entrepreneurs, managers and employees.

This intervention starts with a strategic diagnosis of the firm followed by the definition and implementation of a development plan, which includes a set of training and consultancy measures. From to a total of 1, SMEs were supported, involving 63, workers. These and the following assessment results are based on the findings of Figueiredo, coord. Restructuring has been a matter of concern to the successive Portuguese Governments.

A set of restructuring policy measures, mostly focusing on managing restructuring processes, was implemented in the period before the global economic recession. At present, in a wider context of public budget constraints and cuts, part of the available instruments for the SMEs in restructuring is under reevaluation. Increased demands should also be placed on public policies responses, as it has been stressed, in different ways and perspectives, by the social partners.

Eurofound, Wyattville Road, Loughlinstown, Co. Brussels, Belgium eurofound. Eurofound is an agency of the European Union. Skip to main content. Published on: 13 May Back to working life country profiles. AGiiRE identifies business restructuring opportunities, supports those which will help to revitalise and modernise the entrepreneurial tissue, coordinates associated national actions, and monitors business recovery processes.

Sectors and enterprises in restructuring; Enterprises in temporary fragile situation but with feasibility potential; Workers of companies in restructuring process. These units are composed of a group of specialists from the Public Employment Services, Social Security, and other relevant bodies.

Typically the NIRP will go to the restructuring enterprises, make an assessment of the situation and prepare a plan of preventive or remedial actions for the company and its workers.

Concentração e Consolidação dos Media (Portuguese Edition)
Concentração e Consolidação dos Media (Portuguese Edition)
Concentração e Consolidação dos Media (Portuguese Edition)
Concentração e Consolidação dos Media (Portuguese Edition)
Concentração e Consolidação dos Media (Portuguese Edition)
Concentração e Consolidação dos Media (Portuguese Edition)
Concentração e Consolidação dos Media (Portuguese Edition)
Concentração e Consolidação dos Media (Portuguese Edition)

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