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ISBN: Formerly Shark Girl.

Madison Stewart aka Shark Girl

Kelly Bingham. Her dream of becoming an artist is in jeopardy, and part of her wonders if she's duty bound to "give back" by becoming a nurse. Meanwhile, her former crush, Max, reappears in her life, this time as a science tutor, and Jane's old feelings come bubbling to the surface.

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But Max couldn't possibly be interested in her, could he? Ane would Jane be better off with the cute boy from her science class, who makes it clear that he'd like to see more of her? If you have read this verse novel and would like to add your review or comments below please send to YARR-A.

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She has some big decisions to make, including what career to pursue and whether to have another operation on her arm. Will she pursue a career in nursing and give back to those in need after everyone has given her so much or will she pursue her passion as an artist even without her drawing arm. Her struggles in Science class lead her to get a tutor, who turns out to be Max, the boy from Shark Girl. Brilliance Audio.

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ISBN Gr 6—10— In her hometown of Santa Clarita, California, year-old Jane Arrowood's life changes in just a few moments when a shark attacks her. Near death, she's rescued by her older brother and spends months in the hospital—first in a coma and then undergoing painful operations and therapy to deal with the amputation of her drawing arm.

Peppered with letters, text messages, and newspaper clippings, this first person account offers themes of fate and rebirth as Jane, a talented artist, strives toward recovery and self discovery. The callous nature of social media is a subtext, as the shark attack was filmed by a beachgoer and went viral on the Internet and in newscasts.

A young amputee helps Jane as she battles doubts and depression.

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  4. Listeners will not likely recognize that this is a novel in verse because Kate Reinders's reading does not reflect the poetic structure of the text; instead, it comes across as a stream of consciousness. Reinders's vocal dynamics guide listeners easily in the frequent transition between spoken word and thought.

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    Though it has obvious similarities to Bethany Hamilton's nonfiction memoir, Soul Surfer Paw Prints, , Bringham's novel Candlewick, is bursting with raw emotion and is a powerful story in its own right. Short and affecting, this would be a great choice for a book discussion group. Formerly Shark Girl. Gr 6—10— It's been a year since the shark attack that cost Jane Arrowood her right arm. Now, as she returns to school with her new prosthesis, she adds the more mundane problems of a high school senior to her recovery regimen.

    ISBN 13: 9781680650563

    While suffering frequent and debilitating nerve pain, she must find a date for the prom, boost her grades, and struggle with the fact that her mother may be secretly dating. Her biggest dilemma is choosing a school. She had always planned to go to art school, but her drawing hand was lost in the shark attack, and her artistic endeavors with her left hand have not measured up.

    The alternative is to enroll in nursing school to learn a profession for which she has a great deal of admiration since her accident. A new boyfriend adds another wrinkle to an increasingly complicated life, as does the possibility of another surgery.

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