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The gifting now continues with more official prizes in the new Gaming Giveaways OT. Thread starter Loudninja Start date Oct 2, Forums Discussion Gaming Forum.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Loudninja Member. Oct 27, 10, Those patches have actually been leading to something much bigger… Welcome to the new and improved DreamSurfing! Our creative community has been creating so much that we needed a better way to showcase all of their brilliance. It may take up to five days for you to get the updated DreamSurfing content. Thanks for bearing with us during this time, we aim to get it out to all of you as soon as possible!

What's new? This will help you keep your local storage in check, and avoid the automatic upload of hundreds of photos while you try to snap the perfect cover image! Creation Archiving - Archiving doesn't stop with photos - it works with creations too!

Your mothballed creations are safe and sound, waiting for you to dust them off. DreamSurfing Playlists - The Dreamiverse is now teeming with incredible creations.

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  • Stockholm: A Novel;
  • From Room to Room: The Poetry of Eli Mandel (Laurier Poetry);
  • This Device Lets You Interface with Your Own Dreams - VICE!

So teeming that we just had to find a better way to expose them all to you. Begone, single-row of creations!

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Come on in, multiple rows! Updated: A new collaboration tab has been added to My Creations, allowing you to view all your collaborations in one place. Updated: The flow for deleting local saves has been improved, making them easier to manage. Updated: Pause options have been changed. When pausing from editing, playing or navigating around the Dreamiverse, there is now a button available to take you back to the start. Updated: Cover pages have been modified and they now display your creation's details differently.

Updated: The search bar has been improved to be more more clearer. Updated: When publishing a dream inside of a collection, a prompt will now asks for a category to be set. Updated: The level cap has been increased! Fixed: Some improvements to the Launch to PS4 indreams.

Pieces Of A Dream - Human Interface

Oct 28, 1, Let me know when vr is in then I'll go back into this game. Kalentan Member.

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Oct 25, 13, Will check this out. Caio Loco Member. Nov 6, 1, Brasil.

Interface Dreams Interface Dreams
Interface Dreams Interface Dreams
Interface Dreams Interface Dreams
Interface Dreams Interface Dreams
Interface Dreams Interface Dreams
Interface Dreams Interface Dreams
Interface Dreams Interface Dreams
Interface Dreams Interface Dreams

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