Jodis Journey

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Jodi's Aviation Journey

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Pam and Jodi’s Journey

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Jodi’s Journey to Recovery

No one has seen her. No one has heard from her. She was simply taken in the early morning darkness without a chance to say a word to anyone to help any of us find her.

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And for 20 years, people many, many people have been trying so desperately to find her. The walk will begin at a. At the end of the walk a few members of FindJodi. The stroke was caused by a genetic deposition in her family.

Pam and Jodi's Journey : N K Beckley :

Major damage has been done to her parietal lobe causing short term memory loss, cognitive damage, speech is slow and slurred, communication and word recall. Left hand is paralysed at this stage but Jodi is working very hard on that. All i know is that Jodi has a very long hard road ahead of her and unable to return to work in her field as a counselor or any other work for that matter.

Money doesn't grow on trees i wish! I want to show Jodi that the world is still full of beautiful, kind caring compassionate people that will pick you up when you fall.

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I'm asking for your generosity to take away this huge amount of stress and anxiety that she is carrying to solely concentrate on her road to recovery. Jodi is the kind of person that's the last to ask for help but forthcoming the first to give it. Her heart is overflowing with love thats offered to everybody.

Jodis Journey
Jodis Journey
Jodis Journey
Jodis Journey
Jodis Journey
Jodis Journey

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