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Thanks in advance! Dennis Dennis 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. I [just so] happened to overhear their conversation.

Just So Happens

It just so happen[ed] that I kn[ew] his brother. Livrecache Livrecache 2 2 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. Thanks for your answer. So is it ok to say "it just so happens that I met him yesterday"? In my opinion yes. Even though happens doesn't refer to the past in your sentence the sentence contains an idiom that has a meaning that is relevant to the past and present and future if spoken in the right context. Samuel Feinstein Samuel Feinstein Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ. Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes. Related 3. Hot Network Questions. Neither phrase adds any meaning to the sentence. William Strunk Jr. I think that is great advice. Thank you owlman5 for "The Elements of Style": Omit needless words. S: I don't see any book store in my country sell this book ; It's only available in US? Hermione Golightly Senior Member London.

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Here the phrase seems to mean nothing much, "wordy and needless" as owlman points out. It probably means this is just the way it is, so don't look for rhyme or reason. But sometimes it means 'by a great coincidence', or, 'contrary to what you would expect'. One of my neighbours was telling me about her grand-daughter's need for psychotherapy. It just so happens that my best friend is a highly qualified pediatric therapist.

I met an American from Arizona at a party recently.

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Before I had had a chance to tell him I have family there, he said very rudely that he supposed I didn't know anything about Arizona, "if you even know where it is. You should have seen the look on his face Camlearner said:. It so happens that English usually puts adjectives of observation in front of adjectives of origin.

It Just so Happens

I don't think it means merely 'it is true' - there's more to it. I agree with Hermione and grubble. I don't think it so happens can be removed without changing the meaning. I think it can mean both 'by chance' grubble or 'by great coincidence' Hermione as well as 'the phenomenon cannot be explained'.

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In the case of the sentence about adjectives, the speaker is probably trying to sound flippant, and maybe suggests that in other languages the arrangement is different: English has gone for one arrangement, other languages another. Dear all, Thank you all for more phrase meanings to explain me. Present tense : It will so happen that I will pass the exam because I study like crazy. Hi and thank snootyjim, so " It so happens that " is a fixed stable phrase that should not change its tense mode.

So I observe that from your explaning me by this : It so happens that I will pass the exam because I study like crazy. I expect that I will pass the exam because I study like crazy. It look like that It so happens that similar in meaning to I expect that too? As you've seen from some of the other posts, "it so happens that If you're going to use it, you should use it to signify a coincidence. Hermione's example was a good example of this use. I didn't like it at all in the original sentence, nor do I like it in your sentences.

I don't view language development as a random event, and I don't think chance has anything to do with the sentences you've written in your examples. If you fail an exam because you wasted time drinking beer, then it didn't "so happen".

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That was a choice. If you pass the exam because you studied like crazy, then that is also a deliberate thing rather than being the product of chance. Sometimes people use phrases without thinking about what those phrases mean. Students who are writing papers for classes often stuff their work with meaningless language because they want to fill an empty page with words.

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That's always a bad idea. Last edited: Nov 10, Thank you owlman5 for another idea and when I consider natkretep's opinion that he said it so happens that means not merely 'it is true' - there's more to it , I feel that sometimes it so happens that is needless sometimes it add more exact point to mean some more sense, yes to be exactly speaking is to mean by chance but I think to say by chance is still another aspect of the meaning it is true I mean it is true that by chance..

So if I will consider whether I want what kind : spicy food or simple taste no chilly, I think! It so happens that I will pass the exam because I study like crazy. Thank you snootyjim for your logical answer. I'm worried by the suggestion that 'it so happens' is a fixed phrase which can apply to the past. I distinguish between it so happened that I was drunk , and it so happens that I was drunk.

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I regard it so happens as meaning something like 'it is the case that' , or, as others have suggested, 'it is true that' , and the phrase has certain rhetorical uses in altering the rhythm or marking staging posts in a narration. I wouldn't join in the blanket condemnation. The expression is a kind of veiled apology for an unwillingness to explain further. Last edited: Nov 11,

Just So Happens Just So Happens
Just So Happens Just So Happens
Just So Happens Just So Happens
Just So Happens Just So Happens
Just So Happens Just So Happens

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