One of the Family (Bloomsbury Reader)

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

What do myths do? Where are myths going? This reader is organized into 4 parts which explore these questions. Drawing on over 10 years of experience teaching myth in religious studies and anthropology departments in the UK, USA and Continental Europe the editors have brought together key works in the theory of myth.

Key features include: - a general introduction to the reader that outlines a comparative and interpretative framework - an introduction contextualizing each part and sub-section - an introduction to each reading by the editors - a companion website that provides discussion questions and further reading suggestions, including primary sources.

From functionalism to feminism, nationalism to globalization, and psychoanalysis to spatial analysis, this reader covers the classic and contemporary theories and approaches needed to understand what myth is, why myths exist, what they do, and what the future holds for them. Scott Littleton 2. Jonathan Miles-Watson and Vivian Asimos 1.

Balder and the Mistletoe , James Frazer 2. Flying Saucers: a modern myth , Carl Gustav Jung 2. A beautiful, strange, intelligent novel.

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It opens with two gods having a quiet drink at The Wheat Sheaf in Toronto and debating whether, if animals had human intelligence, they would be only as unhappy, or more unhappy, than humans. McKay couples warmth and grace with wry humour like nobody else out there. Uprooting her life, London-based Kamin Mohammadi relocated to bucolic Florence. Her glorious memoir Bella Figura is witty, intelligent and heartfelt in equal measure and will delight anyone dreaming of a summer holiday — or a brand new life — in Italy.

The African women we meet at this Tuscan refugee home are fierce, scared, brave, vulnerable — triumphant yes, but human too. A beautifully complex account. And finally, I cannot heap enough praise upon Freshwater , a daring, sexy debut. The novel a beautifully written evocation of the era, and the woolly self-absorption of its party-going protagonist.

So many writers and thinkers today, East and West, are questioning the rise of conservatism, populism and tribalism. Robin shows that Trump is not a break from the conservative tradition, in fact, he is the fulfilment of a tradition that goes all the way back to Edmund Burke and his reaction to the French Revolution. It is a deeply thought-provoking book with utmost clarity and astonishing depth.

All the stories are beautifully written, and while they remain semi-independent, they are also subtly interconnected. Long after I finished it I realized the characters were still with me, vivid, compelling, haunting. It is set in a boarding school in postwar Switzerland, the opening pages are spare and beautiful, with an intriguing darkness.

I love his writing, I wait for his books.

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Now that America has come to seem so unsettled and so strange, two books help us to become more alarmed. It charts the early rise of Wilde, with special attention to how, during the s, his lecture tours in America, a country beguiled by novelty and in need of excitement, made his name. As long as it was new, it seemed, America wanted it. Do you want to understand yourself?

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To understand why you say and do what you do? To know why you, and the rest of our human race, are capable of paradoxical extremes, from compassion to cruelty even within minutes of each other?

Text, Cases and Materials

With humour, sublime insight and supportive data, Robert Sapolsky serves up all the answers in Behave , his gem of an explanatory masterpiece. Lying by Sam Harris is a timely, well-reasoned treatise exposing how wrongheaded such beliefs are.

It proves out the lack of utility in lying, in any scenario. Yet, that is not the reason I prescribe this book. Rather, it is the palpable sense of liberation and relief that you will feel when you practice what Harris preaches. Such is the truth about lying. Visit guardianbookshop. Surely an adult reading books from a past era should be capable of realizing that the work was written at a time when attitudes were different, and make allowances accordingly. The Bible, where the Israelites and the Egyptians were the best of friends, and Jesus was given ten hours community service rather than being crucified?

Wheatley was a writer of his time. The people too stupid to make the adjustment when reading him will probably be repelled by the lack of pictures in the books and the long words, and this reissue will be a commercial disaster. Thank you for your comments, and welcome to the conversation. The edits were requested by the Wheatley family, so the mission was to work through the novels for pace and style and in order to attract a new, contemporary readership.

All dialogue remains intact, to reflect accurate speech and opinions of the time. We appreciate that these changes will not suit everyone, but were careful not to alter the meaning or context of the novels, merely to streamline for a pacier read.

Family Law, Gender and the State

Thanks for the interesting interview, but I have to say, it genuinely makes me feel sick to hear of people abridging novels like this to make money. Absolutely disrespectful to the author and his readers. Thank you for your comments. The racially-charged nature of the works remain absolutely intact as an accurate reflection of the authorial attitude and of a bygone era. One racial epithet was updated by request of the Wheatley family so as not to perpetuate or support a narrative no longer appropriate. The majority of the editing concerned pace only, not rewriting attitudes to race.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Menu Skip to content. We believed that this prolific author — who sold over 50 million copies in his lifetime outselling his immediate contemporary, Agatha Christie — deserved to be re-introduced to a new generation of readers. However, little did we know how much careful planning and re-thinking the notions of editorial intervention, abridging and censorship such a task would need.

A Family and a Fortune

MVJ: There were a few patterns that emerged, but certainly the political interventions stood out… MC: I got a message from somebody who had just read The Forbidden Territory , and they were expecting certain edits, but they were surprised that you had toned down some of the descriptions of atrocities. MVJ: Really? Share this: Twitter Facebook.

One of the Family (Bloomsbury Reader) One of the Family (Bloomsbury Reader)
One of the Family (Bloomsbury Reader) One of the Family (Bloomsbury Reader)
One of the Family (Bloomsbury Reader) One of the Family (Bloomsbury Reader)
One of the Family (Bloomsbury Reader) One of the Family (Bloomsbury Reader)
One of the Family (Bloomsbury Reader) One of the Family (Bloomsbury Reader)

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