Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers

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God says when we truly seek him, he will make sure he is found. Prayer involves speaking.

Overcoming Obstacles To Prayer - aifc

Sometimes this is out loud, sometimes internally. Either way prayer says something. It would be weird if you just went up to someone, gave a 5 minute monologue and walked off. The other person would be shell-shocked. So many people have a preconceived idea of how prayer should sound.

1. Know your God-given identity

Part of this comes from set prayers. Set prayers can have enormous value in the Christian life. They can bring a richness and unity to our prayers.

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If we think prayer has to sound a certain way it will always be a struggle. Just think about prayer in the Bible. They each sound different.


Form is not important to God — coming to him is. Jesus invites us to call God Father. This is relational. This obstacle can be hard to overcome because it is so feelings based. The reality is that there is no bad prayer.

That said, prayer is something that can be learnt. We can ask others to help us pray. We can learn by listening. We can learn by practice.

Prevailing Prayer, Praying Through, and Overcoming Hindrances to Prayer

Sometimes prayer is hard work. One reason why we find prayer hard is because we put pressure on ourselves. It may seem hard because we are focused on form or the words we use. We may find it hard because we believe we need to pray for a certain length of time. The things that make prayer hard are general self-imposed. Learn to push these aside and embrace simple life of prayer.

When you sense God nearby, God is with you. Prayer is radically different from other forms of conversations.

Bible Verses On Overcoming Opposition - Scriptures For Overcoming Obstacles (Audio Bible)

Conversations are generally concrete. We see the other person. We hear them. To pray is to seek God Dan , to lift up the soul Ps or to pour out the heart to Him Ps , sometimes it is to wrestle with God, yet in the most basic sense prayer is to ask of God Jam Nobody reading this should have a difficultly understanding what prayer is, however, prayer remains one of the most difficult and neglected disciplines of the Christian life. There are many obstacles that stand in the way of our praying effectually and in this post we want to address three of these.

Prayer is fundamentally an expression of need where we, who are all necessity, go to God in total dependence on Him. Too often however we are like a poor man who knows only the theory of his poverty and so we are not pressed by our need to go to God. If we are to pray properly this perverted sense of self-sufficiency must die and at the same time a sense of necessity must grow. To overcome this first obstacle to prayer we cannot remain strangers to ourselves and so it lies on us to make a close a close study of our weakness until we feel poor, needy and beggarly Ps and become convinced that our ability is as dead as the womb of Sarah Rom When a Christian is convinced of this, the dead womb of his own ability will then give birth to prayer.

We easily pass the theory test of prayer because we know there is nothing too hard for the Lord, but too often we fail the practical exam. The God who created all things out of nothing, who preserves all He has created; the God who saves sinners in Christ and keeps them unto glory; this God has power to do all that we ask or could even think of asking him to do and we need to be convinced of this. Can God restore His Church, convert sinners, change your heart, save your children, heal your marriage?

You say yes, but do you pray as though this were true?

Overcoming barriers to effective prayer (pt 2)

Not only does Jesus invite us to pray but he promises us an answer. We can conveniently resign our prayers to the will of God because we are not persuaded of his Goodness and Love to give us the things that we ask. To overcome this obstacle to prayer we should spend time considering the willingness of God to give good gifts to His children and this is nowhere more apparent in the gift of His Son to us.

If you had not heard the Gospel and had to think of a way in which God would save sinners, it would never have entered your head to think that God would give his Son to die for us.

Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers
Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers
Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers
Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers
Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers
Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers
Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers
Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers Overcoming Hindrances To Prayers

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