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This scene also marks the beginning of a nearly 25 minute action scene that opens this movie. Think about this.

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Revenge of the Sith starts with a space battle which quickly becomes a lightsaber duel, two things that Phantom Menace ended with. As awkward as he was in the first movie, he definitely improves over the course of Revenge of the Sith , especially when his performance goes to extremes. Things are off to a great start. That quickly changes. After that rousing opening, the next 30 minutes are just people talking. Some are walking, some are sitting, and yes, almost all the information is crucial.

But wow, is it a buzzkill. Later, the two of them have an even worse exchange. Anakin has some nightmares about Padme dying in childbirth and goes to Yoda for advice. Yoda then basically reads to him several fortune cookie Jedi mantras. Everyone is up in arms about the appointment.

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He then regales Anakin with an old Sith tale of Darth Plagueis, a Sith so powerful he could cheat death. How does Palpatine know this story? Is he just blinded by this desire to save Padme? So long ago, when there was nothing but our love. Like I said, most of it is important exposition, but it happens at such a glacial pace that you begin to get very, very worried for where this movie is going. Yeah, we know. From that moment on, the movie is pretty much non-stop action for the rest of its runtime. Obi-Wan with his one lightsaber and giant creature, Grievous with his four sabers, spinning arms and mechanical wheel vehicle.

That fight is intercut with one of the biggest moments of the film. Palpatine finally reveals himself to Anakin as a Sith Lord. Watching this scene, I was amazed at how underwhelming it was. Juxtapose that with a simpler, wonderful moment a few scenes later.

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So he goes. And the movie takes a pause. It slowly cuts between Padme and Anakin, both looking troubled. Anakin is weighing the biggest decision of his life, and Christensen even sheds a tear.

The scene is kind of stunning because it lets the audience revel in this critical moment. THE moment. The moment where Anakin decides to disobey Windu to help Palpatine, even before he kills him in the next scene. Oops, spoiler. I loved how delightfully evil Palpatine is in this scene.

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It almost makes up for the ultra goofy make up. Anakin has made his choice. Add another bad decision to the list. She is, after all, the reason we now have Darth Vader. So Palpatine tells Darth Vader that he has to go around and kill all the remaining Jedi. This starts at the Jedi Temple, where he murders a bunch of innocent kids, and Palpatine institutes Order Either way, all the Jedi murders are handled with poise and gravitas: bombastic, sad John Williams score etc.

Once the kids are dead, Anakin goes to the lava planet of Mustafar to murder all the Separatists, in yet another brutally direct action scene. In the middle of the night, Fredo receives a phone call that suggests he was somehow involved in the hit. When Pentangeli meets with the Rosato brothers, he is strangled, but he survives in the custody of the police.

Michael, Roth, and other important American businessmen convene in Havana for a meeting with the president of Cuba. Roth wants to make major investments there, but Michael is concerned about rebel activity. Fredo shows up in Cuba, and Michael tells his brother that he knows Roth was behind the attempt on his life. Fredo denies knowing Roth or Ola, but later that evening, he lets it slip that he knows them both.

While Michael celebrates the New Year at the Cuban presidential palace, his orders are executed. A hit man strangles Ola on his hotel balcony. The hit man tries to kill Roth at the hospital by smothering him with a pillow, but he is shot dead before he can finish the job. At the party, Michael kisses Fredo on the lips and then tells Fredo he knows that he was involved in the hit. Later that evening Michael flees a chaotic Havana while the rebels, led by Fidel Castro, take over the city and the Cuban president resigns.

When Michael reaches Nevada, Tom tells him that Roth managed to survive and that Kay experienced a miscarriage. Cut back to New York in the early twentieth century. Young Vito, Clemenza, and Tessio, close friends now, have formed a gang. They steal furniture, clothing, and rugs from homes and then sell them. Tessio and Clemenza are willing to pay, but Vito tells them to put their faith in him.

Vito meets with Fanucci and gives him only a fraction of the requested money. When the meeting is over, Vito follows Fanucci as he strolls through a street festival and then kills Fanucci in the entrance to his apartment. The killing done, Vito returns home and kisses his newborn son, Michael.

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  • In the s, Congress holds hearings in Washington, D. A Pentangeli associate testifies against Michael. Meanwhile, Michael visits his mother and asks her if Vito ever worried about losing his family.

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    His mother says you can never lose your family. Back in early s New York, young Vito is now a Mafia don. With his new standing in the community, he dresses in fine suits and requests favors on behalf of friends. Her landlord has evicted her without sufficient cause. Vito talks to the landlord and requests that he let the woman keep her apartment, as a favor. Once he finds out who Vito is, though, he not only gives the woman back her apartment, he lowers the rent. Testifying before Congress in the s, Michael denies ever participating in any illicit activities.

    Congress tells him they have a witness who will testify against him, which means Michael could be found guilty of perjury.

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    Back in Nevada, Tom tells Michael that Pentangeli is still alive and will be the one to testify against him. Fredo also admits to tipping off Roth but claims that he never expected Roth to try to kill Michael.

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    Michael responds harshly, telling Fredo that he is no longer a brother to him and that he never wants to see him again. In the hotel room after the hearing ends, Kay asks Michael why Pentangeli was so afraid of his brother, and Michael says only that it is a conflict between the brothers and has nothing to do with him. Kay tells Michael that she and the children are leaving him.

    Michael punches Kay in the face. Back in the early twentieth century, Vito returns to Sicily with his family, visits old friends, and kills Don Ciccio. Back to the s. She wants to stay closer to the family now.

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    She tries to orchestrate a reconciliation between Michael and Fredo, and Michael reluctantly allows his older brother to hug him. During the hug, Michael shoots an ominous glance to one of his men. Michael has learned from news reports and his own sources that Roth will return to Miami because no other country will let him stay. Tom tries to dissuade Michael from killing Roth, saying that Roth is a sick man and will die shortly anyway.

    SHOOT! (Revenge Trilogy Book 3) SHOOT! (Revenge Trilogy Book 3)
    SHOOT! (Revenge Trilogy Book 3) SHOOT! (Revenge Trilogy Book 3)
    SHOOT! (Revenge Trilogy Book 3) SHOOT! (Revenge Trilogy Book 3)
    SHOOT! (Revenge Trilogy Book 3) SHOOT! (Revenge Trilogy Book 3)
    SHOOT! (Revenge Trilogy Book 3) SHOOT! (Revenge Trilogy Book 3)

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