The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories)

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They want to extract her surplus breast milk for money. Odd it may be, but the money is amazing and the hours completely flexible. She signs up to find they want to enhance her milk production, and in fact her body. Some clients even want to take the milk straight from the breast! NB - Flash fiction - max words. Just enough for a sneaky trip to the restroom at work or locking yourself in the bedroom at home. Jacqueline is desperate for her husband not to find out about her affair - lucky me! I knew exactly how far I could push her!

The cheating wife is my newest toy and I love to play with her. Just enough for a sneaky trip to the restroom at work or locking yourself in the bedroom, while your partner watches soaps! Megan has been stealing from the company, to save her from prison I offer her a choice. Repay me, my way, a way we'll both enjoy! Words: 29, Published: November 19, by Erotic Dreams. A collection of 8 short stories from erotica author C J Edwards. BDSM erotica. Not for the easily offended! Words: 8, Published: November 18, by Erotic Dreams. Sometimes, business and pleasure mixed in a most delicious way.

And so it was, when a young man called Mark came looking for my help for his business start-up. I soon discovered he had a delightful young wife Erica.

Much more than documents.

Marnie and I were in full agreement on this one. If I was going to invest in Mark, then Erica should be the collateral! A Thanksgiving treat for ourselves and what a treat she was! Published: November 17, by Erotic Dreams. Or Domina, as she liked me to call her. She used me hard and taught me lots. Published: October 24, by Erotic Dreams. I was a widower on the wrong side of sixty and desperate for sex! My mates told me I was still good looking and I knew I was in good shape. Oh, and rich! No, what turned me on was much younger women; like a third of my age!

Language: English. Published: October 22, by Erotic Dreams. I wasn't the first man in the world to fancy his secretary, but luck was on my side as was my bi-sexual wife. Now she had a serious problem and the solution was something I had in abundance - money! Words: 32, Published: July 20, by Erotic Dreams.

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Another dose of full fat in our milking collection! All titles written by C J Edwards and available as single stories or within other collections. Check titles before purchase. Words: 31, Published: July 16, by Erotic Dreams. A collection of 8 erotic short stories from C J Edwards.

Horny Milfs, cheating wives; Dominant and greedy husbands. Please check titles. Published: June 19, by Erotic Dreams. A pretty, young wife and teacher being blackmailed for sex by a callous ex-lover. She thought she had nowhere to go until an Italian colleague introduced her to a man who could fix anything!

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Pretty soon, Abigail had exchanged one man who wanted her for sex for a whole family of equally depraved, but far more powerful people. She owed the Mafia and they were going to make her pay for every penny!

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Words: 6, Published: June 18, by Erotic Dreams. Christie was desperate to find some money. She found out about a Russian girl that auctioned her own virginity and that set her thinking. One thing led to another, then Christie and her best friend Sal found themselves being sold for a small fortune to rich foreigners. All very scary and intimidating but the vast amount of money they were due made anything bearable Words: 34, Published: June 6, by Erotic Dreams. Eight specially selected tales from C J Edwards where women are enjoyed by other women. Males feature too, but the most exciting play is between the girls!

Adult erotica. Sexually explicit. Published: May 31, by Erotic Dreams. From sci-fi sex to a sex club for willing adults, there is something there to please everyone. And possibly some new sub-genres to explore. More than Expected.

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Published: May 29, by Erotic Dreams. Ellie is a beautiful, graduate but currently unemployed. Meaning: lots of gorgeous young women gagging for sex! Sally Flanagan was at that age. Still young and attractive, but starting to see wrinkles and the odd sag. Then an unexpected conversation with an old friend led her down a path she would never have contemplated… Dr Whittleton had a solution, but the cost was just too high Abigail had it all.

The slim, attractive teacher had a career on the up and a husband who adored her. But she also had a past! That past was personified in Richard who, after ten years, had found her again. He wanted to reintroduce her to the world of sex parties and orgies she used to be at the centre of. She needed desperately to stop him.

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Well, her head did. Her body however disagreed. Words: 33, Published: May 3, by Erotic Dreams. Young women giving everything to older men. Sometimes the payment is sweet, sometimes it is verging on the edge of depravity. Lust controls these adventures — not common sense! Includes: A Spoonful Of Sugar. Ready For Sex. Published: April 27, by Erotic Dreams. New country, new job, new home, new experiences! Why then was I allowing this older woman to spank my ass and why was I thinking about what her husband might do to me.

A young American paralegal in London for her first job falls into the hands of a sadistic landlady and her horny husband. When feisty Kayla joined their weekly wine and bitching group, the ladies realised the temperature had gone up by a few degrees. They shared some fantasies; deep, dark secrets and thought that was the end of it. And arranging dark fantasies was his speciality!

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    The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories) The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories)
    The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories) The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories)
    The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories) The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories)
    The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories) The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories)
    The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories) The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories)
    The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories) The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories)
    The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories) The Defiled Dose #2 (2 Erotic Stories)

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