The Poetry of a King

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Two poets forge a bond amid the shifting landscape of contemporary America.

A gardyn faire, and in the corneris set. Ane herbere grene:—with wandis long and small. Was all the place, and hawthorn hegis knet,. Beschadit all the aleyes that there were. Growing so faire with branchis here and there,. Off lufis use, now soft, now lowd among,.

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That all the gardyng and the wallis rong. Ryght of thaire song and of the copill next.

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For of your blisse the kalendis are begonne,. Cum, somer, cum, the suete sesoun and sonne! Awake for schame! Thank lufe that list you to his merci call.

Quhen thai this song had song a lytill thrawe,. Thai stent a quhile, and therewith unaffraid,. From beugh to beugh thay hippit and thai plaid,. And freschly in thaire birdis kynd arraid. Thaire fetheris new, and fret thame in the sonne,. And thankit lufe, that had thaire makis wonne.

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And there-with-all unto my self I thoght,. Quhat may this be, how cummyth it of ought? Eft wald I think; "O Lord, quhat may this be?

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That Lufe is of so noble myght and kynde,. That he of every wight hath cure and charge,. That I am thrall, and birdis gone at large,. Sen him to serve he myght set my corage?

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Be lord, and as a god may lyve and regne,. To bynd and louse, and maken thrallis free,. Than wold I pray his blisfull grace benigne,. And there-with kest I doun myn eye ageyne,. Quhare as I sawe, walking under the toure,. The fairest or the freschest yonge floure. That ever I sawe, me thoght, before that houre,. That sudaynly my hert became hir thrall.

With no wight mo, bot onely wommen tueyne. Than gan I studye in my-self, and seyne,. And cummyn are to louse me out of band? That have depaynted with your hevinly hand.

Sons of the King

This gardyn full of flouris, as they stand? Mark Grist Award-winning silliness and choose-your-own-adventure poems for the whole family as you work to transform your writing skills. Featuring odes to stinky pirates, murderous sheep and deadly mouthwash. You'll be surprised by what you learn along the way!

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This show is jam-packed full of audience interaction…. The Dark Room For Kids! Alice Fraser: Mythos 28 Aug Another amusing and thought-provoking hour from Australian stand-up. Scott Gibson: White Noise 28 Aug Jet-black hour about mental health with a show that can never resolve itself. Shattered 27 Aug A dynamic autobiographical show about healing. Down with the Poetry King!

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The Poetry of a King The Poetry of a King
The Poetry of a King The Poetry of a King
The Poetry of a King The Poetry of a King
The Poetry of a King The Poetry of a King
The Poetry of a King The Poetry of a King
The Poetry of a King The Poetry of a King
The Poetry of a King The Poetry of a King
The Poetry of a King The Poetry of a King

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